What We Do


We are an actively driven business and hope to become the customers most preferred choice with our level of expertise and efficient work schedule.

Our clients can communicate with us as often as they need us to by phone, email and text updates 24/7 until the project is completed. We'll stay in constant contact addressing every aspect of a project, step by step. Our clients will never feel 'out of the loop' and will have the confidence in knowing what is expected from us will be delivered.

Along with our Excavation and Demolition services, we can also offer :

  • Driveway Preparation, Construction and Repairs
    We offer competitive prices for all your domestic driveway repairs or construction.

  • Site Levelling and Preparation for Building and Construction
    Along with site levelling and preparation for building and construction we also repair damage caused to the environment from natural disasters such as water erosion.

  • Irrigation and Drainage Trenching, Backfilling and Compaction
    Unlike excavating, trenching involves the hole being deeper then it is wide. Trenching services are most commonly used when laying down pipes or a foundation of some sort.

  • Post Hole Digging
    We have 300mm and 450mm borers to depths of 2.4metres if required.

  • Tree Lopping, Removal and Uprooting
    This is a hazardous job and is required when old trees risk collapsing or when they interfere with buildings, old stumps can also create havoc on a worksite. We have the expertise to completely remove any potential risks.

  • Rock and Concrete Breaking
    Rock and Concrete Breaking is a very specialized task. We use a hydraulic jackhammer attached to our excavator to break apart rocks and large concrete slabs.

  • Rock, Rubbish and Waste Removal
    We can remove waste and rubbish from your home, office, building or development site.

  • Supply and Deliver Sand, Soil, Rock, Gravel and Mulch
    Whether you have your own supply or if required we can supply and deliver. If you require us to spread or move product once supplied, we will be able to package a price using a combination of tipper truck, excavator or bobcat.

For more information on these services, give us a call today on 0427 597 055 or fill in our online contact form. Submitting our form will send an email to our office, we will respond as quickly as possible and we will not share your data with any third party.

We are happy to meet with you, survey and assess your project and provide an accurate, no-obligation free quote and ensure you receive all the relevant information for your consideration:

  • equipment requirements
  • time required to complete the project
  • site comments, recommendations and solutions
  • cost and payment terms

Hours of Operation: 7am to 7pm - 7 days a week

Excavator removing rocks
Excavator removing rocks
Excavator removing rocks
Driveway construction right view
Driveway construction right view
Driveway construction right view
Driveway construction front
Driveway construction front
Driveway construction front