Detailed or Bulk Excavation

We are a local business providing a wide range of services for excavation:

  • site levelling and preparation for building and construction
  • post deconstruction cleanup
  • building renovation
  • landscape preparation
  • land clearing and land fill
  • bush fire clearing
  • construction and maintenance of fire breaks
  • dam excavation, construction and repairs

Excavation projects can be complicated. No one solution fits all, so it's important to plan out each stage of the excavation process to minimize the risk of any unforeseen problems which may be encountered during the excavation or in the future.

No matter the operational constraints, we will ensure the excavation project is executed efficiently and effectively and that the site is safe with proper precautions taken. All debris and excavated soil will be removed by us. We will deliver high quality results in a short amount of time with an emphasis on environmental responsibility.

Excavation and land clearing
Excavation and land clearing
Excavation and land clearing

Swimming Pool Backfilling and Excavating Services

If you're looking to install or replace an existing pool, we can offer the following specialized services:

  • digging for your new swimming pool
  • site levelling and preparation
  • indoor, in-ground and above-ground swimming pools removed - concrete, galvanized liner and fibre glass
  • swimming pool hole filled and compacted for proper settling
  • demolition of swimming pools
Excavating for a swimming pool

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