'Out With The Old to Make Way For The New'

At Hanlon Excavation and Demolition we specialise in small scale building demolition for domestic and commercial properties. We will demolish structures with the kind of precision and planning needed to complete each project.

Every demolition project, be it structural or interior, will present with unique issues and problems. We will work closely with our clients to assess the project and its challenges, safety concerns and environmental impact and formulate a step-by-step demolition strategy tailored for each project. We take the time to explain the demolition process in detail so that you will know what to expect as there are many aspects to consider, a demolition of a structure is as critical as it's construction.


Our most preferred method of demolition is 'deconstruction'. This method is the most environmentally sound method of demolition and it is sometimes called the 'Green Demolition' for this reason. It involves a careful process that is almost the reverse of the construction method. The building is taken apart and as much material as possible is salvaged for reuse elsewhere. We are very savvy in salvaging re-usable building materials from our demolition projects, and we take the value of the salvage of the buildings to be demolished into consideration in our quotes and deduct the same from our demolition expenses for the benefit of our clients.

But of course not all demolitions are viable for this option. Some projects require to be demolished because of their age and safety.


Partial Demolition is used when only part of a structure must be removed. This specialized demolition requires a complex strategy as other structures attached have to remain unchanged, undamaged or as in some cases, become the new support structure. We are very skilled at removing structural building components with minimal disruption.


We can complete any residential or industrial 'Strip Out' you require. Whether it be for an internal renovation, a building extension or in preparation to hand back to the Landlord. We can remove block walls, mezzanines, ceilings, plumbing, sprinkler, electrical, racking, bay doors, flooring, fans, air-conditioning or air ducting systems and leave your space clean and tidy.

You can invest in us. We can advise on, or assist with Council Demolition Permit applications, including the disconnection or capping of amenity services like electricity, telecommunications, sewage and gas, pest control and any Worksafe related notifications. We have the expertise in coordinating all the red tape from the preparation stage right through to the post deconstruction site clearance.

Hanlon Excavation and Demolition can complete all your demolition needs for:

  • residential homes
  • small commercial buildings
  • industrial sheds
  • warehouses
  • garages
  • roof sheeting and cladding removal
  • car park and building pads
  • driveways and concrete footpaths
  • pools
  • fire damaged structures

At Hanlon Excavation and Demolition we never take shortcuts with our work. When demolishing a building or structure, we apply utmost care and caution at all times and have a reputation for taking every reasonable measure to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for not only ourselves but for our customers and the general public, your neighbours.

Should any of the projects we undertake contain asbestos or any other hazardous materials, we are licensed in both Class A and Class B Asbestos removal to handle all forms of friable and non-friable Asbestos.


Mindful of the need to reduce waste products going to landfill, Hanlon Excavation and Demolition is committed to the recycling of salvaged building materials wherever possible from their demolition sites.

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Rock Breaker at work
Rock Breaker at work
Rock Breaker at work